Canadian Made – Usinatech Adopts MEMEX’s MERLIN Tempus

Burlington, ON, Canada – October 16, 2019 – Memex Inc. (“MEMEX” or the “Company”) (TSXV: OEE) a leader in Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) manufacturing productivity software, announces the installation of MERLIN Tempus Enterprise Edition platform and the integration of 40 manufacturing machines at Usinatech Inc.’s manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Quebec. Success with this initial implementation could see Usinatech, a world-class precision metal parts machining and manufacturing company, connect additional machines in Canada as well as deploy MERLIN to its Mexican operations.

“Although MEMEX is proudly Canadian, the Company has continuously generated the majority of its revenue through clientele in the United States,” said David McPhail, CEO & President, MEMEX Inc. “This is MEMEX’s largest Canadian installation project since going public in 2013, and we’re confident that Usinatech’s adoption of MERLIN Tempus will provide an efficiency advantage as they compete in the global market. We’re proud to contribute to a Canadian, data-driven manufacturing success story.”

“Usinatech has a history in applying the most advanced manufacturing techniques to produce the best machined parts in the industry,” said Usinatech President, Rudy Pelletier. “We are now embarking on a digital transformation strategy with the latest in advanced technology including the implementation of Industry 4.0 software and hardware tools from MEMEX. For us this will mean a digitally connected plant with real-time information and analytics to ensure our plant operates at optimum efficiency.”

About Usinatech Inc.:

Usinatech is a world-class precision metal parts machining and manufacturing company. With five integrated, high efficiency plants in Canada and Mexico, Usinatech has been providing precise answers for Sports RV, Aerospace, Automotive, Defense and Agricultural Equipment since 1986. Known for excellence in high volume, high quality production of complex parts and assemblies, we believe in investing in our people and in the best technology to get the best answers for our clients.

About MEMEX Inc.:

Established in 1992, MEMEX grew to be an industry leader in Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) through the development of MERLIN Tempus, an award-winning platform that delivers real-time, tangible increases in manufacturing productivity. MEMEX is on the leading edge of industry trends in computing power, machine connectivity, industry standards, advanced software technology, and manufacturing domain expertise.

Our persistent pursuit of innovative IIoT solutions led to a comprehensive understanding of the challenge’s manufacturers face. We made it our mission to, “successfully transform factories of today into factories of the future.” As the global leader in Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity solutions, our hardware and software products create unparalleled visibility at all levels, from “Shop-Floor-to-Top-Floor.”

The MERLIN Tempus Suite provides effective quantification and management of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by revealing hidden capacity using real-time objective data. Further, it offers sustainable benefits that enable world-class OEE such as reducing costs, incorporating strategies for continuous LEAN improvement, and boosting bottom-line financial performance. For more information, please visit:

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Forward-Looking Statement

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