CNC communication (DNC) software for Windows

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Choose MERLIN Dostek DNC for easy and reliable CNC communication and file management. With MERLIN Dostek DNC, you get the time-saving features you need, without complicated extras. You can effortlessly upload, download, drip-feed, edit and manage CNC program files.

Try it for free. There’s no sign-up, so you can get started in minutes. And, if you need help, expert support is free during your trial.

You can use MERLIN Dostek DNC to:

  • Transfer programs and data between the computer and CNC machine tools (Distributed Numerical Control).
  • Run programs directly from the computer (Direct Numerical Control).
  • Edit and compare program on the computer.
  • Manage programs and documents.

With a choice or three affordable software editions, Dostek DNC covers the entire range of DNC applications.

Try MERLIN Dostek DNC free for 10 days

See for yourself how convenient and easy MERLIN Dostek DNC is to install and use:

  • The First-Time Setup Wizard automatically guides you through set-up and configuration.
  • Sample configurations with CNC parameter settings are included for most CNC models.
  • The Communication Troubleshooting help file explains how to solve common communication problems.

Product Features

Easy to install and use. MERLIN Dostek DNC includes sample configurations and parameter settings for most CNC models, a set-up wizard to guide you through installation and configuration, an online tutorial, detailed help files, and a communication test program. Expert Web-based and toll-free telephone technical support are available to help you get started quickly.

Convenient “Classic” and “Remote Call-up” DNC Methods. Dostek DNC provides both “classic” and “remote” communication methods. With the “classic” method, you walk back and forth between the CNC and computer to transfer files.

With the “remote” method, you send commands to the computer directly from the CNC console. You can use remote commands to:

  • “Call up” programs from the computer for loading or drip-feeding.
  • Save programs from the machine to the computer.
  • Print files.
  • View computer file directories and DNC system messages.

Works with wired and wireless serial ports. You can use:

  • Standard PC COM ports.
  • Multi-port serial cards.
  • Wired Ethernet/serial hubs (single-port and multi-port).
  • Wireless Ethernet/serial adapters.
  • USB/serial adapters.
  • Any serial communication hardware with a Windows COM port driver.

Editor with file comparison. With MERLIN Dostek DNC’s Editor, you can:

  • Simultaneously edit multiple files.
  • Cut, copy and paste within and between files.
  • Renumber and reformat programs.
  • Compare files to quickly find differences.
  • Search and replace text strings.
  • Undo and redo changes.

Enhanced explorer-style file manager. MERLIN Dostek DNC’s File Manager has the familiar feel of Windows Explorer, with several unique features. You can:

  • Restrict operator access to specific folders and file types.
  • Protect original program files from modification.
  • Require a password to modify files or change configurations.
  • Search files by name, date, size or file content.
  • Associate set-up sheets, CAD drawings and other documents with part program files.
  • Use a touch screen or bar-code reader.
  • Customize command buttons.

Works with bar-code readers, touch screens and Windows tablets. Use a bar-code scanner to scan file names. An on-screen touch keyboard is available. And a convenient tablet interface is included.

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